Southern Bell Realty - "Selling the South"™

Southern Bell Realty - "Selling the South"™

Hi, we are Roger and Jeannine Bell. Welcome to Southern Bell Realty and our story.

Our passion for real estate started as a hobby. At the time, we had separate careers, Jeannine, a teacher and I, a bank executive. We enjoyed taking our free time to look at properties for sale. My skill set as a banker and understanding of the real estate market allowed me to accurately value property and Jeannine’s keen and detailed eye for all things decorative allowed us to visit homes for sale and compare our expectations of value with the markets expectation of value. It soon became clear, we were good at this!

As a play on words, we started “Southern Bell Realty” for kicks. Our passion for and knowledge of real estate quickly spread amongst our inner circle of friends and it wasn’t long before our friends and neighbors were asking us for real estate help.

Since those days, we have committed ourselves to “Southern Bell Realty” as full time realtors and devoted business owners.

At Southern Bell Realty, we mix Global resources with Local expertise. As a Keller Williams, affiliated organization, you will have the resources of the largest Real Estate Firm in world at your disposal and the security of knowing you are partnered with local experts with the commitment to walk hand and hand with you through every step of the real estate process from beginning to end.